2008 Deep Lake Water Trial Results

Wow–what an enjoyable long weekend up here on the water in the (sometimes) sunny Pacific Northwest. We had the great pleasure of a wonderful two day water training workshop with Judy Murray on Friday and Saturday July 25 and 26, followed by a trial on Sunday July 27, 2008

Our workshop was fantastic, and completely full with participating teams and plenty of auditors as well. Judy kindly accommodated us with training at all levels over the course of the two days, and the benefits were obvious in our outstanding pass rate at Sunday’s trial. Many thanks to Judy for making room for us in her busy summer schedule (and for being willing to come out here to the far upper left corner of the country!)

Fun to see faces both new and familiar from all over the area, including our Californian and Canadian neighbors. Gratitude is of course due to our outstanding volunteers, some of whom have been at it forever with us, and others here as new and very willing workers. We all know what a big job it is to stage a workshop and trial like this, and many hands do indeed make light work.

Great company, a beautiful location, and reasonable cooperation from the weather gods made for a successful weekend… couldn’t have asked for more!

Amanda Ford,
Trial Secretary

Qualifying teams at Deep Lake on Sunday July 27 were:


  • Cooper Lookout’s FV Fierce Allegiance, Julie Hicks
  • Westley Waterbaby Silver Dollar, Ken Kongorski
  • Luna Echobay’s Tides of Time, Robin Illchuk


  • Essie Adia Bay’s Sport Edition, Dixie Matson
  • Kalli Baywood Kosmic Rain, Brenda Brown
  • Briny Seastars Briney Seas From Elk Run, Theresa Zorad
  • Rio Echobay’s Life Guard, Greg Illchuk
  • Orchid Jewel De Agua Black Orchid, Katrina Jackson


  • Rio Echobay’s Life Guard, Greg Illchuk


  • Alee Eauchien’s Trial Run (new CWD), Tammy Hibberson
  • Boca Eauchien N Driftwood Boca Chica (new CWDX), Leslie McCracken
    (mother Boca and daughter Alee each earned new titles)


  • Bean Fairwind’s Ponto Branco Café, Sarah Kahn
  • Jude Bayswater Jubilee Jude, Dixie Matson
  • Chili Stargazers Lookout Hot Stuff, Suzanne Malick