2011 Agility “A” Match Results

Thanks to Janet and Cathi for doing a great job organizing the agility A match May 21, 2011. The goodies, including Spirit Dog notepads, were a big hit. The match itself was a real success. We were completely full, with a total of 100 runs.

Thanks also to all of the club volunteers. We had 14 club members who came to help, as well as a number of people who jumped in from the agility community at large. There were six courses to build, since we had both JWW and standard for all three levels. We also had people volunteering as bar setters, timer, scribe, chute person, lease walker, etc.

Both Mr. Robin and our judge, Diane Cook, commented on how great our club members were, jumping in and getting things done. Since we put on water trials, we are all pretty used to volunteering, but it was nice that people outside the club noticed and complimented our group.

AKC considered our application to become a licensed Agility Trial club and granted us licensed status based on our May Agility A match. Sarah Kahn is heading up the effort to organize our Companion Events and would welcome volunteers. Look for our first agility trial to be held November 30-December 2, 2012.