2011 Conformation/Obedience/Rally “A” Match Results

Thanks to all those who helped make the A/OA Match May 25, 2011 a success! And a big NO THANKS to the weather man for the rain! But then what’s a little wetness for a bunch of seasoned wet dog folks like us?

At the risk of missing someone… I’m going to do my best at listing all those who helped make this a success—

Judges – Julie Rylander, Debbie Addicoat, Amanda Ford

Entrants and Volunteers—Jim Smith, Renee Smith, Janet Lankester, Angela Harding, Val Tangen, Pam Coffeen, Suzanne Foisie, Hallie Howe, Judy James, Sarah Kahn.

Catalog Production via a Bluetooth connection at 2,000 feet at some remote cabin… Cynthia Kongorski

With this match under our belt we are looking at ONE – ONLY ONE – more match until we get approved to hold our very own licensed AKC point show and obedience/rally trials! AKC considered our Match report favorably and we have the go ahead to hold our 2nd “A” Match. Mark your calendars for Saturday December 3, 2011 for our next match.

Thanks again for all your help!