2012 Deep Lake Water Trial Results

Thunder, lightening, and torrential downpours did not dampen the spirits of the participants in our July 20th Water Trial at Deep Lake in Enumclaw! Thank you to our judge, Lauren McDermott, who was supportive and fair in her judging with her calm spirit and great attitude.

A big thank you to all of the volunteers for the trial and workshop this weekend. Everyone really pitched in to get ready for the trial and to make it run smoothly-these events rely on all of you. Sandy Overton provided hospitality for Friday’s trial and Pam Coffeen on Saturday and Sunday’s workshop (all from a hotel room, no less!). Dave Sliger and Ken Kongorksi made sure the equipment was ready to roll and Val Tangen was chief steward and coordinated the volunteers. Barbara Temple-Thurston was chair and was my partner in the trial preparation-thank you. Katrina Jackson took care of the trophies for the event and had handmade plaque’s for qualifying teams which are lovely.

See you in September for the Flowing Lake Water Trial….

Congratulations to all of the qualifying teams!

Trial results for the Friday, July 20th, 2012


  • Stowaway At Your Beck and Call (Beckett). Cathi Jzyk
  • Stargazer Never Settle For Less (Tenaz). Kerstin Weinberg
  • Stowaway Pieces of Eight (Nemo). Mary Masten
  • Saltyseas Golden Touch of Coldiron (Midas). Janet Lankester
  • Coldirons Dionysia of Salty Seas (Dion). Robin Huested


  • Glenllyn’s Something Special TDX (Ray). Sarah Kahn
  • CH Adia Bay’s Hot Chocolate (Moby). Nancy Ryan


  • CH Stargazer Ready About TD, RN, AWD (Ready). Jim Smith
  • Cascade Del Sur Dover OA, AXJ, AWD (Dover). Kimberley Hart
  • CH Beacon Hill Zeta Orion Leal RN, AWD (Tuna). Michelle Downey

Team Spirit Award

  • Kimberley Hart and Dover

Kimberley Hart,
Trial Secretary