2015 Flowing Lake Water Trial Results

Lovely water trial weekend here in the Pacific Northwest! We had great weather (ie, no rain), lovely dogs, and fun company. Thanks to our judge Frank Cardillino for officiating- great to have you with us. We were also pleased to have Greg Illchuk here on Saturday for his Observer Judge assignment.

Thanks to trial chair Suzanne Malick, secretary Pam Coffeen, Kimberley Hart for the steward schedule, Ken Kongorski and Gary Masten for the masterful equipment wrangling, Linda Reimen for her fabulous hospitality (an army runs on its stomach, right?), Cathi Jzyk for organizing her water equipment raffle which raised $230 for the PWD Foundation, and Suzanne Malick for producing the cool trial T-shirt this year. And of course the countless others who jumped in for set up, trial stewarding, food donations, etc. Our volunteers make it happen!

Lots of qualifiers, others very close, and a few new faces as well. PNWPWDC awards a Team Spirit Award each day for a team the judge selects as particularly exemplifying a great working relationship, qualifying or not. Our Saturday Team Spirit Award went to Kimberley Hart and Dover in Versatility, and on Sunday went to Rachel Cullen and Gilligan in Apprentice.

PNWPWDC Qualifiers on Saturday September 12, 2015:


  • Kathy Marshall and Moxsea—Swseas Swift Current Moxsea NJP NAP NFP CGC AWD
  • Hallie Howe and Shanty—Seabury’s Last Barque AWD
  • Suzanne Malick and Delta—Lookout Delta Moon AWD
  • Kerstin Weinberg and Sinta—GCH Vindouro’s By All Means CD AWD


  • Cathi Jzyk and Beckett (CWDX!)—Stowaway At Your Beck And Call OA AXJ CWD
  • Tammy Hibberson and Quinta (CWD2)—Can CH Eauchien’s Trial Run CD TD RE Agi AgiJ CWD
  • Debbie Tubbs and Cali (CWDX!)—CH Cortereal Heaven Sent RN OA OAJ NF CWD


PNWPWDC Qualifiers on Sunday September 13, 2015:


  • Hallie Howe and Shelly (CWD)—Sisu Life’s A Beach CD AX AXJ WWD NW2
  • Tammy Hibberson and Quinta (CWDX!)—Can CH Eauchien’s Trial Run CD TD RE Agi AgiJ CWD


  • Hallie Howe and Shanty—Seabury’s Last Barque AWD
  • Sarah Kahn and Tyr—Baywood’s Norse Legend AWD


Pam Coffeen
Trial Secretary