2018 Deep Lake Water Trial Results

We had a great weekend at Deep Lake with two days of water training seminar with Cindy McCullough, and a trial day on Sunday with Cindy judging. Great turnout for everything – it was wonderful to see so many faces both new and familiar. I hope our Intro to Water session on Friday morning encourages some of our new faces to become familiar faces! We would definitely like to do an intro session next year as well, and hope that this can become an annual event. The session that focused on the new Master Water Dog level was really informative as well. It will fun in the future to see how training for tasks as the Master level are incorporated into people’s training schemes.

We also enjoyed our second annual Senior Challenge! We had three entries this year, with dogs 12, 13, and 14 years of age. Mary Masten made some ab-fab custom embroidered fleece blankets that will be treasured forever. Thanks to Mary for the blankets, and to Val Tangen for organizing the Senior Challenge.

We had a lot of great teams at the trial on Sunday, and wonderful work by all entered, whether they passed or not. As Cindy will attest, this is NOT an easy site, both physical layout and distraction-wise. Our water level was very low, and the water entry was steep and rocky. Fortunately no one fell and hurt themselves. The public turnout for a hot day at the lake was even more than usual, and all the dogs worked through the distraction of a mass of people and floatation devices just outside the 15’ test area boundary. We had SUPs, air mattresses, kayaks, rafts, inflatable boats, cardboard (!) boats, inflatable animals, beach balls, fishing float tubes, and even an inflatable unicorn swan. Yes, the water was teeming with distraction. And EVERYONE got through it! Kudos to all for some great handling choices.

Photos of the trial by Nancy Gaffney are now available. Check them out—they are, as usual, fabulous.

Thanks of course to all who helped out with the workshop and trial weekend and worked to make it a success. I know I’ll miss many people, but here we go—Sarah Kahn (event chair), Gary Masten (equipment chair), Sandy Overton and Julie Hicks (steward co-chairs), Linda Reimen (took over hospitality for the whole weekend!), Cynthia and Ken K. for hauling boats to and from and web work for online entry, Val Tangen for Senior Challenge and workshop and trial help, Pam Coffeen for workshop and trial administrative help, and a whole boatload or two of folks who volunteered to row, throw, check in, shuffle paper, steady boats, set up, tear down, schlep equipment, bring food, etc, etc. I can’t name everyone, but you know who you are and know you are GREATLY appreciated. We had lots of people who came to help that weren’t participating with their dogs, and that is so generous of you.

We had some nice qualifying runs, and many that were close. Congratulations to all!

See you in September at Flowing Lake.

Amanda Ford
Trial Secretary

Our Deep Lake Qualifiers


  • Kola and Tammy Hibberson (Eauchien’s Kola)
  • Crux and Michelle Hammerschmidt (Chulsa’s Final Decent)


  • Saoirse and Ann Camp (Moonraker N Cutwater Saoirse Sorceress of the Sea)
  • Kola and Tammy Hibberson (Eauchien’s Kola)


  • Poppy and Janis Welsh (CT Roseknoll’s California Poppy TD TDX VST CDX RE NFP NAP CWD) – New CWDX!!!!!