2022 Introduction to Water Trials Seminar

Sunday July 31, 2022   10:30 to Noon  Nolte State Park, Enumclaw, WA

Are you new to the Portuguese Water Dog breed? Curious about Water Trials, what they are and how they work? Don’t know how to find a trial, what the classes are, how to enter, or what to do once you get to trial site? We can help with that!

Join us for a Basic Intro to Water Trials seminar to be held  in conjunction with the PNWPWDC Water Trial at Nolte State Park. This seminar is for humans only, not for dogs, and will give you the basics so that you can feel comfortable with the rules and procedures involved.

The seminar will cover:

  • Water Trial of history and how the trials were developed
  • Introduce you to the PWDCA water trial manual and the basic trial structure and handling rules
  • How to enter a trial and what to expect when you get there
  • Review of required equipment and where to buy it or make it yourself, and what else to bring with you to a trial
  • Basic training ideas for you and your dog to set yourselves up to start water training

This seminar is free to all. Sign up in advance is requested, but not required.

For information contact: Amanda Ford.

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