2017 Grooming Workshop

Grooming Workshop with Alexandra Lightfoot Vinopal

When:  Saturday and Sunday, November 4 and 5, 2017

Where: Win Star Bed and Bisquit
3602 112th St E
Tacoma, WA 98446

  • Limited to 10 pre-paid grooming spots with dog per day.
  • Limit of 10 pre-paid auditors per day (observing only, no dog).

Event Details

Saturday, November 4, 2017 – the Show Groom
Targeted to PWD owners as well as professional groomers who want to learn tips and techniques to get your Portuguese Water Dog ready for the show ring. All show grooms will be covered.

Sunday, November 5, 2017 – the Pet Groom
Targeted to PWD owners that want to learn how to groom your Portuguese Water Dog. The workshop will focus on the basic pet groom—both lion and retriever clips, as well as tips to help extend the time between professional grooming.

Club Member Price

Grooming Spot with Dog for 1 day – $150.00
Grooming Spot with Dog for 2 days – $275.00
Auditing for 1 day – $100.00
Auditing for 2 days – $175.00

Non-Member Price

Grooming Spot with Dog for 1 day – $175.00
Grooming Spot with Dog for 2 days – $300.00
Auditing for 1 day – $125.00
Auditing for 2 days – $200.00

  • Lunch will be provided as well as light refreshments each day.
  • Bring chair, notebook, and pen for note taking.

Grooming Spot with Dog – What to Bring (what you have…)

  • Grooming table with arm
  • Dog that is freshly bathed, dried, and brushed out
  • Grooming tools that you currently use
  • Crate, water, and treats for your dog

Participation is limited, so register early!

Questions? Contact Molly Speckhardt

Grooming Registration

About Alexandra (Alex)

Alexandra Lightfoot VinopalAlex owns and operates her all-breed dog salon, Lightfoot Dog Grooming, out of Higganum, Connecticut that specialized in grooming PWDs for the conformation ring and beyond. Alex grew up with Portuguese Water Dogs. In 2002, at the age of 15, her mentor-breeder gifted Alex her first PWD, and gave her the foundation skills to groom and handle for the conformation ring. Moving from Connecticut to Colorado to California and back to Connecticut again, Alex has gathered a large number of PWD grooming clients and friends across the country. In 2012, she presented the grooming seminar for the Southern California Portuguese Water Dog Club, and in 2014 she was asked to speak about grooming at the Mayflower Portuguese Water Dog’s Festivus event. Now from her forever home in Connecticut, Alex owner-handles PWDs from her own breeding line, and has a passion for helping others keep their PWD looking like PWDs in and out of the show-ring.

Win Star Bed and Bisquit

The grooming workshop will be held in the meeting room at Win Star Bed and Bisquit.

3602 112th St E
Tacoma, WA 98446

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