September 2018 Water Trial

A two-day water trial will be held in accordance with the provisions of the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America (PWDCA) water trial manual and updates, copies of which may be downloaded at no charge from the PWDCA website.

The trial will be held at Flowing Lake Park, Snohomish, WA on September 8 and 9, 2018. The trial is open to all levels from Junior through Master. Greg Ilchuk from Alberta, Canada will be the water trial judge.


More details about the September water trial will be available closer to the summer. If you have questions about the upcoming water trials, please contact Amanda Ford.

Flowing Lake Park

The fall water trial is held at Flowing Lake Park at Lechie’s Beach. The park is located on the north end of the lake and has campsites, cabins, a swimming beach, a boat launch with a fishing dock, an amphitheater, and picnic locations.

Flowing Lake is one of the few parks in Snohomish County that allows for motorized watercraft.

Camping Reservations

17900 48th St SE
Snohomish, WA 98290

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