Officers and Board of Directors

You may contact the entire Board using the email or an individual Board Member using their individual email address below.

  • Cynthia Kongorski

    Cynthia Kongorski

  • Kimberley Hart

    Kimberley Hart

  • Barbara Temple-Thurston

    Barbara Temple-Thurston

  • Darlene Kurt-Brushwein

    Darlene Brushwein

  • Placeholder Photo

    Linda Reimen

  • Mary Masten

    Mary Masten

  • Molly Speckhardt

    Molly Speckhardt

  • Hallie Howe

    Hallie Howe

PWD Rescue Representative

Rescue Leadrescue@pnwpwdc.orgJanet Lankester

Standing Committees

CommitteeContact EmailMembers
Agilityagility@pnwpwdc.orgLisa Kinney (Chair), Hallie Howe, Gary Masten, Rachel Cullen, and Kathy Marshall
AKC Eventsakcevents@pnwpwdc.orgMolly Speckhardt (Chair), and Susan Salvin
Trackingtracking@pnwpwdc.orgKatrina Jackson (Chair), Judy James, Sarah Kahn, Val Tangen, and Pam Coffeen
Water Programwaterprogram@pnwpwdc.orgAmanda Ford (Chair), Suzanne Malick, Sarah Kahn, Pam Coffeen, Kimberley Hart, and Kathleen Jose
Dover and Teifi
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